Our Commitment to SafetY

Our experience shows that consistent management involvement is crucial to building and maintaining an effective workplace safety culture.  The Burnett family has one of the best track records in the industry when it comes to worker safety.  Each member of our crew undergoes our rigorous safety training program to ensure the protection of other workers, themselves, and material assets.  We also see to it that all of our workers are fully insured and provided the proper safety equipment to stay in line with OSHA safety standards.  


safety is our Long term priority

The most common cause of accidental injury or death on construction sites is falls.  Burnett implements a strict tie-off policy for all employees and subcontractors in boom lifts, scissors lifts, during required framing phases, and while working along lead edges of roof surfaces.  Additionally, all of our employees are provided with a PPE kit including high visibility shirts and vests, a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, and required harnesses and lanyards to ensure long and healthy careers in steel construction.  Since our company's launch in April of 2015 we have had a perfect track record in preventing falls.  



Fall Protection systems

Our company provides fall protection systems to protect our workers on walking or working surfaces with unprotected edges or sides that are six feet above a lower level. Fall protection can include guardrails, safety net systems and personal fall arrest systems.  Warning signs and lines around the perimeter of certain projects are also put in place to aid workers in identifying hazardous areas.  Guardrails are the only method approved that actually prevents falls from occurring. Safety nets and personal fall arrest systems prevent workers from falling a great distance.


Fall PROTECTion Training

We provide training to all employees that might be exposed to fall hazards.  Topics of the training program include the nature of fall hazards present on the construction site, proper erection, inspection and maintenance of fall protection systems, use of fall protection systems and personal fall arrest systems and the role of the employee in safety monitoring and our fall protection plan.

Furthermore, we maintain certification records of fall protection planning for all employees. Retraining is required for changes that render prior training obsolete and instances where it is apparent that a worker has not retained enough knowledge from the training program to ensure their safety.



Additional Training

Burnett also strives to keep its employees and others safe on the ground and when using heavy equipment.  Each employee is required to attend and pass the standardized 10 hour OSHA safety training course within 3 months of employment.  Furthermore all Burnett employees receive training and certification for the safe use of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and fork lifts.